5 Benefits to Casement Windows

Casement windows have been around for ages and are a popular window choice in many different parts of the world. Instead of the traditional windows that slide up and down horizontally, casement windows, also referred to as crank windows, open vertically and offer a variety of benefits to homeowners.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have one or more hinges attached to the frame on the side of the window, essentially opening up like a door would. Casement windows are sometimes referred to as crank windows because a handle is used to crank the windows open and closed.

Casement windows are functional and add charm, offering a distinctive look that differs from the traditional windows that open and close by sliding the sash up and down.

5 Benefits of Casement Windows

Let’s explore the advantages casement windows offer for those considering casement windows for residential homes or businesses. Casement windows differ from Picture, Hung, Sliders, Bay, Fixed, or Awning Windows, and here are five of their benefits.

Energy Efficient

Casement windows are energy efficient in that they offer a tight seal against the weatherstripping. After cranking the window shut yourself, you’re locking in energy and saving money each year. With a strong seal on four sides of the window, enjoy peace of mind knowing casement windows offer one of the most energy efficient window designs.

More Secure

Not only will homeowners or business owners have peace of mind knowing their windows aren’t wasting energy, it’s also nice to know that casement windows offer optimal security. Designed to lock securely on all four sides of the frame, these windows are difficult to break into. On the flip side, they’re easier to climb out of in case of a fire or emergency by turning into egress windows.

Better Airflow

Casement windows offer better airflow than most other types of windows. Casement windows offer the choice to open all the way, allowing for the best possible ventilation when needed. Popular in kitchens in bathrooms where ventilation is most often needed, casement windows can bring in the exterior air much quicker than other window styles.

Add Charm

Casement windows are unique and add a certain charm to any home design. While homeowners normally opt for double hung windows, casement windows are a design choice outside of the norm, even though they’ve been around for centuries. Their distinctive style is a nice benefit.

Better Outside Views

Who doesn’t love an unobstructed view? Casement windows offer better views of the outside because unlike double hung windows that break up the view into squares, casement windows offer a clear picture of the outside. Picture windows are the best choice for views, but they aren’t as functional as casement windows.


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