5 Tips for Hanging a Mirror

Woman hanging a mirror“Mirror, mirror on the wall …” Besides being a place to check your appearance, mirrors reflect the beauty of your home and can make small spaces feel more expansive. Here are some things to consider for determining the best way to attach that mirror to your wall.

1)  What are your options for attaching a mirror to a wall?

Options for hanging a mirror include:

  • Hooks
  • Cleats
  • Brackets
  • Mirror clips
  • Adhesive

Depending on the type of mirror, your mirror’s size and weight and the surface on which you intend to hang it, some of these options will be a better choice than others.

2)  How much does the mirror weigh?

Weigh your mirror. Then read the packaging on the mirror mounting hardware you’re planning to use before you buy it, to make sure that its weight bearing capacity matches the weight of your mirror

3)  What type of surface are you attaching it to?

Drywall, plaster, wood and masonry all have their own quirks and considerations.

If you’re hanging a mirror on brick or other masonry you will need to carefully drill holes for your mirror hardware into the mortar and inserting metal anchors to hold your hardware.

4)  Is the mirror framed or frameless?

Frameless mirrors are most easily mounted using mirror clips. Adhesive is another option, but can be difficult to impossible to remove without damaging the surface, the mirror or both. Framed mirrors often have d-rings attached to the frame, making it easy to hang with heavy-duty picture hooks and wires.

5)  What is your DIY skill level?

Hooks and d-rings are the easiest for a beginner to use, but not suitable for all mirrors. Mirror clips are fairly easy to use and a great choice for frameless mirrors.

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