How To Choose Windows for Each Room in the House

Window choices are one of the most important design decisions for your home. Considering how many styles and sizes there are to choose from, it can be a daunting task if you’re building a new home or your home needs window replacements.

Whether you need windows for your bedroom, bathroom, living room or dining room, read our guide for choosing the best windows for each room in your home.

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Living Room Windows

Living rooms need an abundance of natural light so that the room feels open, airy and roomy. Living rooms are often one of the most common gathering places in the home, where your family congregates to watch your favorite shows or where you sit with friends for a chat. With such a high traffic area, bay or bow windows and picture windows are the perfect choice for this room, offering unobstructed views of the outdoors and allowing optimal sunlight inside the room.

Bedroom Windows

Just like any room, choosing windows for your bedroom comes down to personal choice. Some great bedroom window options include sliders, hung, or casement windows. These window options not only allow natural light to stream into the bedroom during the day, but they also provide the option of opening the window for ventilation. These options work for any bedroom, from nurseries to the primary bedroom.

Kitchen Windows

Kitchens are another high traffic area of the home, so your window choice matters. Functionality is a key element in choosing kitchen windows; there’s accessibility, ventilation and ease of use to consider. There’s also the consideration that the window chosen above your sink will transform the style of your kitchen. From awning, to casement, to picture windows, the more windows in the kitchen the better. Aim for at least one type of window that opens for ventilation.

Dining Room Windows

Dining rooms should offer views of the outside and comfort on the inside. Make your dining room as inviting a room as possible for your family and guests, no matter how often this room is used. Picture windows offer unobstructed views, while double hung windows are a popular choice because they provide ventilation.

Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms are all about privacy. The window choices for your bathroom should keep privacy, style and natural light in mind. The amount of privacy achieved in the bathroom will depend on the window glass option, so talk to our glass experts about glass options for residential homes. Placing awning windows high up on your bathroom walls can provide a nice mix of natural light and privacy.


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