FAQ - Choosing and Using Mirror Clips

Large frameless bathroom mirrorWhat are mirror clips

Mirror clips are a simple and secure way to hang a frameless mirror like a bathroom mirror. Some decorative mirrors are also frameless and can be mounted with mirror clips.

Mirror clips are often sold in sets of 4 – two for the top and two for the bottom.  The bottom clips are fixed holders, in some clip sets the top clips might be spring-loaded, so that the holder can be raised to insert or remove the mirror.

Where do you put mirror clips?

Mirror clips are mounted on the wall at the top and bottom of the mirror. There should be at least 2 sets of clips, and they should be placed an inch or two in from the side edges of the mirror.

If you have a large mirror, you may want to install additional sets of clips on the top and bottom and/or on the sides of the mirror.

How do you select the right mirror clips for your project?

    1. You will need to know the weight of your mirror and the thickness of the glass.
    2. Make sure the brackets on the clips are the correct sized for the thickness of your mirror – if they’re too tight the mirror won’t fit, but you also don’t want them so loose that the mirror can rattle around in the clips.
    3. Read the package or contact the manufacturer for information on the maximum weight the clips can hold

      How do you hang a frameless mirror with mirror clips?

      (These instructions are for the type of clips with a spring clip on top. For other types, please refer to the package instructions.)

        1. Decide where you want to hang the mirror. Hold it in place (small mirror) or have a helper or two hold it (larger mirrors) while you mark the lower corners of the mirror on the wall. Use a level to make sure you hang it straight!
        2. Put the mirror aside for now.
        3. Holding your bottom mirror clips against the wall where you want them to go, mark where the screws for these lower mirror clips will go. You will want the clips to be an inch or two in from the sides of the mirror, depending on its size.
          If you are mounting a heavy mirror, try to have at least one set of clips mounted on a wall stud.
          If you are mounting the mirror on brick or other masonry – plan to drill the pilot holes into the grout, not the brick or stone itself.
        4. Drill pilots holes for the lower mirror clip mounting screws and install drywall anchors.
          If this is a heavier mirror, use sturdier toggle bolts – plastic drywall anchors will only support mirrors up to around 20 lbs.
          If you are mounting your mirror on masonry, you will need masonry anchors and masonry screws.
        5. Fasten the lower clips to the anchors.
        6. Gently place the mirror in the bottom clips and mark where the top corners will be. Set the mirror aside.
        7. Drill pilot holes for the top clips and insert anchors.
        8. Fasten the top clips to the anchors.
        9. Carefully insert the mirror top under the TOP clips and push up until the bottom of the mirror clears the bottom clips.
        10. Guide the bottom of the mirror into the bottom clips, lower it and release once it’s in place.

          How do you remove mirror clips?

          If you want to remove your mirror and mirror clips, and are using the type with a top spring (as described above) follow the instructions below. If you are using a different type of clips, refer to the package instructions.

            1. Grasp the sides of the mirror and push carefully but firmly upwards to expand the spring on the upper clips.
            2. Ease the base of the mirror over the bottom clips
            3. Gently lower the mirror and remove from the top clips. Put the mirror aside.
            4. Unscrew the clips from the wall.

              How much weight can mirror clips hold?

              The package of your mirror mounting clips should tell you how much weight the clips are designed to hold.

              Generally the clips aren’t as much of the issue as how you attach them to your wall. Plastic wall anchors will hold a mirror up to 20 lbs. For heavier mirrors use toggle bolts and attach at least one set of clips to a wall stud.


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