Tips for Increasing the Security of your French Doors

Many homeowners choose French Doors for their patio because of the light the doors allow into the home. However, many homeowners are also hesitant about the security aspect of these doors. The window and door experts at Reflect Window & Door are here to assure you that French Doors and home security can, in fact, go hand in hand.

The glass panes of the French Doors, in addition to the hinges being exposed from the outside are a few safety concerns homeowners have when it comes to this style of doors. Rest assured, there are safety measures that can be made to make these doors just as secure as other style of doors.

Below are our tips for increasing the security of your French Doors.


By upgrading the locking system on your French Doors, you will add an extra layer of home security for your family. From deadbolts to Mortise locks and strike plates, having a locking system installed with your French Doors is a must.

Shatter-Proof Glass

Upgrading to shatter-proof glass is another excellent safety precaution to consider for your French Doors. The shatter-proof glass is typically any hurricane rated glass, which cannot be broken from any type of force.

Door Alarms

Having an alarm system is good to have no matter which type of doors you have in your home, but for those worried about the home security threat with French Doors it can be even more valuable. Place the sensors on the glass panes of your French Doors and become alerted at any attempt of a break-in.

Security Hinges

Since the door hinges are exposed from the outside on French Doors, using security hinges is a good security measure. No matter how strong your locking system is, the hinges should be secured as well. There are several types of security hinges to choose from, from hinges with non-removable pins to set screw hinges.


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