Best Way to Weatherstrip Sliding Glass Doors

Weatherstripping provides an airtight seal around windows and doors to keep the weather elements from the outdoors out and the indoor environment as comfortable as desired.

Window and door weatherstripping keeps homes and commercial buildings energy efficient by protecting against air leaks that let the warm or cool indoor air escape. The tricky part about weatherstripping, however, is there are various types of windows and doors and various types of weatherstripping to choose from.

When it comes to sliding glass doors, which weatherstripping option is best? Read on to find out.

Weatherstripping Sliding Glass Doors

When choosing door weatherstripping, there are a couple options that are suitable for sliding glass doors. The type of weatherstripping chosen should tightly seal the door when it’s closed but allow it to slide open smoothly.

Remember that both the top and bottom tracks of a sliding glass door need weatherstripping. Both the top and bottom of the doors can let drafts escape from the house and boost up your energy bill.

Another tip when weatherstripping sliding glass doors is to seal the gap between the stationary door and the sliding door. All sliding doors have a gap between the stationary door and sliding door, and the gap is located where the two doors overlap to open and close.

Types of Door Weatherstripping for Sliding Glass Doors

Fin-Seal or Brush Fin are two great options for sealing up sliding glass doors.

Fin-Seal weatherstripping is ideal for weatherstripping the top and bottom of the sliding doors, as well as the area between the doors where the stationary and sliding doors overlap.

Brush Fin weatherstripping is another great option for sliding glass doors because it allows the door to slide open and shut easily.

Sliding Glass Door Weatherstripping Conclusion

If you’re feeling a cold draft in the winter or notice your energy bills climbing higher, it’s possible your door weatherstripping is not up to par. Cleaning the sliding door tracks is an extra step to take to ensure your sliding glass doors are well insulated for winter. Keep in mind door weatherstripping needs to be properly installed for it to work effectively.


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