Common Types of Window Glass

Windows are one of the most coveted parts of any home. Home buyers who walk into a house are usually persuaded to buy the house based on the number of windows and abundance of natural light they provide. Although most of us can identify the style of windows, it’s hard to pinpoint the type of window glass used.

However, if you’ve ever needed replacement windows, you know that homeowners have the option of choosing the type of window glass based on their budget and preferences. Some types of glass are more durable than others, while other types are more energy efficient. It all depends on the way the glass is made, specifically how it’s heated and cooled.

Let’s explore the most common types of window glass for homeowners and business owners to choose from.

Tempered Window Glass

Tempered window glass is much stronger than other types of glass because of the heating and cooling process used to make it. It’s cooled at a much faster rate, making it about 5 times stronger than standard glass. Because of its durability, tempered window glass is considered a safer glass and is usually used in high traffic areas of a house or commercial space.

Float Window Glass

Float window glass is the least durable type of glass. If it breaks, the shards left behind can be dangerous. Float glass is typically used in smaller windows and for aesthetic purposes rather than providing durability to residential houses and buildings.

Insulated Window Glass

Insulated window glass gets its name because it’s made up of several layers of glass to prevent heat transfer and reduce noise. If insulated window glass isn’t sealed properly, however, condensation can form between the layers of glass.

Laminated Window Glass

Laminated window glass is made by polyvinyl butyral (PVB) being placed between two or more panes of glass. This type of window glass has a stronger resistance to shattering and can reduce outside noise levels. Laminated glass is most often used in commercial applications.

Low-E Window Glass

Low-E window glass, or low emissivity glass, is for those looking for energy efficient window glass. Low-E window glass has a coating on the outside that reflects heat so effectively that it can reduce energy bills anywhere from 30-50 percent.


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