4 Window Frame Materials That Achieve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are the preferred windows for both homeowners and business owners alike because of the many advantages they can provide, including reducing environmental degradation, lowering energy bills, less maintenance, and reducing condensation.

What many homeowners or business owners don’t realize, however, is the role window frames play in contributing to more energy efficient windows overall. In fact, many design features can contribute to the level of energy efficiency windows provide, like the type of glass and the operating type.

Choosing Energy Efficient Window Frames

When choosing window frames, the goal is to choose window frame materials that are thermal resistant, specifically frames with low heat loss rates or U-Factor.

The material of the window frame might be an overthought, with many favoring its style or color to the material itself, but the window and door experts at Reflect Window & Door are here to tell you not to ignore the material of the frame itself.

Energy efficient window frames should protect the air from escaping the home and should be as thermal resistant as possible to effectively insulate your home.

4 Energy Efficient Window Frame Materials

When looking for replacement windows, window frame materials should be as much of a consideration as the window style or window glass. Below are 5 energy efficient window frame material options to think about.

  1. Vinyl Window Frame

Vinyl window frames have the best thermal resistance, in addition to fiberglass. In other words, they do the best job of insulating your home with the hot or cold air your HVAC system is working hard to generate by keeping the outdoor air temperatures outside. Vinyl window frames are a durable and affordable option.

  1. Fiberglass Window Frame

As mentioned, fiberglass window frames have excellent thermal properties. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass is a more expensive window frame option. Many homeowners or business owners choose fiberglass when they want to the same advantages of wood, but don’t want to deal with the pitfalls of wood, like expanding and contracting in extreme temperatures.

  1. Wood Window Frame

Wood window frames are a popular choice because of their durability and energy efficiency. However, they are higher maintenance than the other energy efficient window frame material options because of their susceptibility to warping, rotting or swelling.

  1. Composite Wood Window Frame

Composite wood window frames will give homeowners and business owners the energy efficiency they’re looking for without the high maintenance of real wood. Their resistance to extreme temperatures is better and they have good thermal performance.


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