Guide to Replacing Sliding Screen Door Rollers

Over time, replacing your sliding screen door rollers becomes a necessity. When they become warn out, it makes it difficult to slide the screen door.

When it starts to feel like a strenuous workout just to get the screen door open and shut, it doesn’t mean the entire door needs to be replaced, only the sliding screen door rollers. Reflect Window & Door has a large selection of sliding screen door rollers for many door manufacturers, including Miller, R.O.W., Columbia, Indal, Peachtree, Anderson and many more.

Once you find the screen door rollers that are compatible with your screen door, you might be unfamiliar with how to replace them at home. Below is a guide to replacing sliding screen door rollers to get your screen door functioning like it’s brand new again.

  • Remove your screen door from its track.

There might be enough room for you to remove the door without adjusting the rollers, and in that case, you can use a slotted screwdriver to pop the doors off its track. If not, use a screwdriver to lower the door by rotating it counterclockwise to release tension.

The next step is to swing the bottom of the door out and place it on a worktable, continuing on with the steps below to replace the rollers.

  • Identify which rollers to use.

Identifying which style rollers to use will depend on your specific door frame. There are a variety of styles to choose from, such as nylon bottom rollers, nylon spring tension rollers, top hung rollers, steel center groove spring tension rollers and many more.

  • Install replacement rollers the same way you removed them.

Before installing the replacement rollers, clean out the track and straighten then out with pliers if bent (both top and bottom tracks). If the tracks are clean, straight and have new rollers on them, there’s no reason your new doors won’t slide open and shut like new again.

  • Put the door back in the tracks.

Once screen door rollers replacement is finished, it’s time to put the door back in. Place the door back in its top track first. While lifting the door up, place the bottom rollers into their track. If door height adjustment is needed, raise the side of the door that needs adjustment by rotating the screw clockwise.


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