5 Shower Glass Door Options For Your Home

When undergoing a bathroom remodel, choosing shower doors are an important part of the decision-making progress. Factors such as personal style, budget, functionality and size of your bathroom will play into the decision you make for your shower door.

With so many options out there for choosing shower doors, it’s helpful to learn about some of the most popular types. For help deciding, below are some glass shower door options with explanations for each.

  1. Frameless

Frameless shower doors are the most popular choice in bathroom design right now. Frameless doors are seamless, offering a sleek and modern design aesthetic. They’re also easier to clean, since there’s less space for mold to grow.

  1. Semi-Frameless

Semi-frameless shower doors are a mix between frameless and framed shower doors, with some sides of the glass framed and others exposed. Semi-frameless shower doors are more affordable than frameless, but they have a similar look.

  1. Framed

Framed shower doors are easy to install and do the best job of keeping water inside the shower, making them less likely to leak. However, framed shower doors can be more difficult to maintain and can appear outdated if the rest of the bathroom is modern and new.

  1. Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors are the best option for bathrooms with limited space. With doors that slide instead of swinging in and out, sliding shower doors take up less space. They also remove the need for outdated shower curtains.

  1. Clear, Rain, Textured, Frosted or Tinted Glass

After you’ve chosen the type of shower door for your new bathroom, choosing the type of glass will finish out your decision. Clear glass is the most common type of glass, but rain, textured, frosted or tinted glass doors provide different privacy or decorative options than the standard glass door.

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