Solutions to Common Glass Window Issues During the Winter

Windows can be greatly affected by extreme weather conditions, with the most common issues taking place during the winter. Cold temperatures bring snow, ice, rain, and heavy winds, which can wreak havoc on your glass windows if you’re not prepared.

Window maintenance can prevent damage to both the interior and exterior of your home during the cold winter months. Ahead of each winter, consider the following tips about preparing your glass windows before the worst weather of the winter season hits.

Below are examples of common glass window issues during the winter, and expert tips on how to prevent them from happening, or fixing them as they happen, to ensure the longevity of your glass windows at home or in your commercial business.

Glass Window Issue: Condensation

Condensation can build up on your glass windows when the heat is working overtime inside to compensate for the cold temperatures outside. The drastic difference in temperature from inside to outside is what creates condensation on your windows, with outside being extremely dry and inside being exceptionally humid.


Some condensation on your windows is normal, but if the problem persists, it might mean your window cracked and moisture found its way into the glass. We recommend calling your local window repair service to get this checked out in order to avoid any long-term damage.

Glass Window Issue: Leaking

Leaking is a common issue with glass windows in the winter. If leaks occur, your electric bill will take a hit. Cold air will get inside the house you’re paying to heat. Drafts and passages of air flow from outdoors to indoors can negatively impact the energy efficiency of your home.


Before winter arrives, check your windows for any cracks or gaps that leaks can seep into and consider weatherstripping or caulking to help seal out the air to prevent leaks from happening. If your windows have already started leaking, however, it’s time for window replacements.

Glass Window Issue: Moisture

Moisture can breed many serious issues for homeowners, such as rotting, mold, and structural damage to the home. Moisture is a window issue that should be attended to right away, considering its impact can be the most damaging. It’s a bigger issue in the winter because of the humid temperatures indoors, making up for low temperatures outdoors, can get into older wood frames.


Upgrade your window frames to weather-resistant PVC to protect the glass from moisture.


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