Maintenance Tips for Sliding Patio Doors

There comes a time when a sliding patio door no longer works the same as it did when it was new, which can be frustrating when trying to open and close it. Considering how popular sliding glass patio doors are amongst homeowners, the door experts at Reflect Window & Door thought a guide to maintaining your sliding patio doors for maximum efficiency would be appreciated.

When maintaining your sliding glass doors, the majority of issues stem from the tracks. If your sliding glass doors are starting to jam or aren’t operating as smoothly as they previously were, it’s time to maintain the tracks.

The tracks get exposed to the outdoors, not to mention they’re being walked over by multiple people and pets on a regular basis. A good tip in sliding patio door maintenance is to start by clearing out dirt build-up that naturally accumulates over time by cleaning the tracks with a damp cloth. Use a toothbrush to get rid of more stubborn dirt.

After the tracks have been thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to lubricate them. Sliding glass doors rely on upper and lower tracks to slide efficiently, in addition to rollers. If any of these sliding glass door parts are not clean, there’s no point of lubricant. Only use lubrication on your sliding glass doors when the dirt and debris are cleared out. Another maintenance tip is to only lubricate the bottom track.

It’s important to check the rollers when maintaining your sliding glass door. If they’re dirty, your sliding door will benefit from a thorough cleaning. If they’re damaged, they will simply need to be replaced. Check the alignment of your sliding glass patio doors. If having issues sliding the door, it’s possible the alignment is off. If this is the case, take the sliding glass door off of the track and re-align it as necessary.

Be sure to handle your sliding glass doors with care, being careful to gently slide them to prevent wear and tear. This simple tip will go a long way when preserving sliding doors for the long-term.


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