Winter is coming! Getting your windows and doors ready for the cold

winterize windows and doors in Edmonton AlbertaWe’re only a few short weeks away from the winter season. Here in Edmonton, winters can be long, cold, and snowy.   Some people love the winter season - we get fun outdoor sports, picture-perfect holiday vistas, and maybe even a few snow days. However, one thing nobody likes is paying extra for their home energy bills during the winter.   Fortunately, there are many tricks and techniques you can use to winterize your doors and windows and reduce your excess energy costs this winter. At Reflect Window & Door, we specialize in energy efficient windows and doors that combine beauty with energy savings. In this post, we’ve put together a few simple tips you can use to make your home more efficient this winter.  

  • Check for leaks. Any gap, draft, or leak in your windows can lead to major energy waste. The first step to winterizing your home is looking for potential leaks. There’s lots of ways to do this - one technique is holding a candle around the edges of your windows. If you see the flame flicker or extinguish, that’s a good sign you’ve got a leak.
  • Consider window insulation kits. An inexpensive and very effective way to improve your window efficiency is with an insulation kit. These are basically sheets that you apply over windows to prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering. Note that these kits are often not very attractive and can block light. They are best used on basement windows, garage windows, or any other place in your home that doesn’t need to look especially pretty or bright this winter.
  • Apply weatherstripping. Window and door weatherstripping is a cheap and effective way to prevent energy loss from cracks under doors and drafts around window edges. Unlike insulation kits, weatherstripping products can be very unobtrusive, and won’t block the light.
  • Watch out for window damage. In colder climates, winter is more than just a light snowfall. We can get heavy blizzards, hail and freezing rain, and more. If you have any windows that are located near large trees, consider trimming tree branches before winter. This will help prevent a broken window emergency. You can also consider installing storm windows for extra protection and efficiency.
  • Remove window and door screens. Window and door screens are great for the summer months, but shouldn’t be left up during winter. Screens can collect snow and ice, causing them to become damaged. Additionally, screens can block sunlight, reducing the amount of natural heat and light your home receives.
  • Beyond windows and doors. Here at Reflect, we’re focused on windows and doors. But that doesn’t mean these are the only ways to improve your energy efficiency. Many other home winterization tips are worth considering, including insulating your pipes, sealing ducts, changing furnace filters, and more.

We hope these tips will help you and your home have a safe and energy efficient winter! If you’re looking for more help in winterizing your doors and windows, the Reflect team would be happy to help. We’ve been providing winterization services to homeowners in and around Edmonton, Alberta for more than 25 years. To learn more and get a free estimate, please contact us today.